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Two weeks and counting… maybe!

Posted by defyphysics on March 8, 2011

On Thursday (March 3rd) I stuffed all my belongings that I hadn’t loaned out for two years (guitars, bikes, furniture, etc) into my car, and said goodbye to Orlando. I am now with my parents, where I am enjoying time with my family, making last minute preparations, and taking in visitors from Orlando. So far my days have been pretty action packed, but I hope to be able to get everything that needs to get done and relax a little bit before my journey.
This coming Friday, I will be giving a presentation to 100+ high school students at Anclote High School. I’m a little nervous, but mostly excited to be telling my story to them. I want them to know about the world of international (and national) development, and other non-profit work. I never knew about these types of jobs in high school, and it MAY have left me more motivated when I was in high school. Probably not, but you never know. It will be quite a task talking to them about my basic non-experience so far, and hopefully make it interesting for them. I’m sure I’ll do fine.


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