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Less than a week!

Posted by defyphysics on March 16, 2011

This past week has been filled with a plethora of emotions. On Friday, I presented to about 80 high school students at my step-mom’s school for Mr Black’s students. They were a great audience and I hope they got something from the presentation; a yearning to learn more about the world and explore it. Maybe also a yearning for non-profit and government work. I also presented to four classes of students at High Point Elementary. They were eager with questions and I had a great time answering them and telling them about going to the Ukraine. I can’t wait to contact all these kids once I’m in Ukraine and show them pictures and tell them stories.
I also had to say what may be my final goodbyes to my best friend Mike, my good friends Earl and Annie, and my “forever friend’ and sister, MIchelle. The goodbyes were heart-wrenching and sad, but I know they are excited for me and as hard as goodbyes can be, knowing you’ll be missed is a comfort that is indescribable. I hope they know someone will be thinking of them from halfway around the world if they ever feel alone in Orlando. I’m dreading the goodbyes with my parents, but I know they will be fine and so will I. I’ll probably talk to them more often there than I did here.
Lastly, I’ve got almost everything ready to be packed. I’ll probably be practice packing the next few days making sure I take as much as possible without going over the weight limits. I’m not too worried about missing something, but I’d like to have as many creature comforts as possible. Who wouldn’t, right?


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