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First weeks in Житомир

Posted by defyphysics on July 9, 2011

Monday June 27th

So I’ve been in Zhytomyr for over a week so far.  It has been a great 10 days.  Of course it’s always hard to move to a new city, learn your way around, find friends, find stores, and orient yourself.  I haven’t been without problems, like getting lost on a marshrooka ride (twice), language barrier issues, or being overwhelmed by all the new things.  However, I’m lucky to have a great group of people I work with who always make me feel welcome, help me find my way around and really just making sure I’m comfortable.  I’ve been meeting many new friends, exploring my new city and just settling in.

Wednesday July 6th

Sorry for the lack of updates and that last really short update.  As of tomorrow I will have been in Zhytomyr for two weeks.  I love it so far.  I fit really well into my partner organization, Modern Format (Сучасний формат).  They are a bunch of awesome, talented people.  I see great potential for them in this city.  They are a youth organization that teaches youth about social issues through hands on experiences, interactive media and classes.  One of their main focuses is journalism, and they have their own online news show that the kids from Modern Format’s School of Young Journalists create.

My apartment is located one block from the city center.  I am surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and people walking the streets.  The city itself is very old, over 1000 years.  There are trees and parks everywhere, so it does not seem as big as it is (almost 300,000).  There are a few really cool squares, parks everywhere, and of course it’s all very walkable.  I’m still figuring out the Marshrooka system, but if I ask people I can get to anywhere in the city.  I hope to be able to post pictures soon.

Monday was July 4th, so I had everyone from the office over.  I cooked hamburgers, french fries, and potato salad.  Sasha from the office brought some pizza.  It was a lot of fun!   I had to improvise a lot of ingredients, and the buns I had bought (and somehow found) had gone moldy after one day.  I pulled it off though, with the help of everyone!


One Response to “First weeks in Житомир”

  1. Jo said

    Casey! I love that you are in a great place! I, too, have landed someplace close to heaven! I heard from heather that life is good for you and it certainly sounds like it.
    Today is the day I got my internet turned on in my apartment and I am catching up with all of the people that matter. Be good to yourself!

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