Know My Velocity

My Peace Corps Experience in Ukraine

  • My name is Casey and I'm going to Ukraine with the Peace Corps to help develop non-governmental organizations. This is my adventure, and I'd like you to know my velocity.
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My name is Casey and I’m a Community Development Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine.   I am excited to share with you my adventures while I am there.  A little about me.  I’m a late 20-something that is originally from Ohio, but has come to love, hate, and call home the state of Florida.  I went to High School around Clearwater (Palm Harbor), took a short stint of community college in Buffalo, New York, and Clearwater, FL.  I got my Sociology degree at UCF (University of Central Florida).  I took a year off and took the only job I was offered at a hotel resort in Orlando.  There I worked my way up from foodrunner, to a pool bar server, to barback and then to an occasional bartender.  I decided to go back to school after a year and got my Masters in Non-Profit Management.  I’ve always had a keen interest in the world outside the United States, social justice, and international aid work.  I also love to travel.  After my Masters I wanted to get involved in non-profits that worked on my passions in life but found it impossible to get in without international experience.  This is where Peace Corps comes in.  As a volunteer, I will get the international experience, while also serving my country and experiencing and immersing myself in a new culture and language.


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